What We Do with the Properties We Buy

When we are making cash offers to home sellers in the Central Valley, we often get asked what we are going to do with the property. It’s a good question. No matter the reason you are selling your home—even in a financial distress situation—you still like to know that your house is going to be taken care of.

In a general sense, know that your home is in good hands. We want to see it brought back to its best life and enjoyed by the next owner or tenant. There are basically three options that the Offer4Cash team will consider after purchasing a property

1. Fix it Up and Resell on the Open Market

We buy homes with potential, even if they require significant repairs to get them market ready. We’ll take the time to clean up the property and fix up the house. Then, we’ll list it on the open market and sell it to another buyer.

2. Keep it as a Rental

If the circumstances are right, we will purchase a house, get it fixed up and then rent it out. Not every home is ideal as a rental, so that is part our our property analyzation process.

3. Sell it to Another Investor

Offer4Cash has a large network of real estate investors throughout the Central Valley region we serve. They are looking for good investment opportunities, so they will purchase a property directly from us and then do whatever they see fit. In most cases, they will fix it up and resell on the open market or keep it as a rental just like we would if we held onto the property ourselves.

You need to sell, but it always helps knowing what is going to happen with your house once you move out. At Offer4Cash, we are very transparent throughout the buying process and we’re happy to tell you our plans with the property. If you have questions, we have answers.

To learn more about Offer4Cash or to get your no-obligation cash offer for your home in the Central Valley, call us today at (209) 661-7385 or fill out the cash offer request forms on any page of this website.

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