What Should You Do with That Property You’re Not Using?

Do you own a property in the Central Valley that you don’t really use? Perhaps you originally bought it as an investment or to fix up and use as a rental or personal vacation property. Maybe you inherited it from a relative and it’s just been sitting there for months (or years) unused. You might of had to move for your job and haven’t had time to deal with selling your old place here.

Whatever the reason, you should make an effort to do something about that property that is not really going to any good use. You are still required to pay property taxes and insurance on any homes you own, and those costs add up. If the place needs major repairs before you can really do anything with it, you have to factor those expenses in, as well. Here are options you can consider:

Keep it for Yourself

If money isn’t an issue and you don’t want to let go of the property, you can continue to hold onto it and decide how to use it later. Just remember to keep paying those taxes and insurance payments, along with any mortgage/interest you may still owe on it.

Use it as a Rental

One option is to keep the property and turn it into a rental. It seems easy enough, but being a landlord is more difficult than you might think. If you do the property management yourself, it can be very time consuming to find tenants, manage tenants, handle repairs, etc. If you hire a property manager to do the dirty work, then that’s another big monthly expense you have to consider. It’s important to do the math and make sure the rental will be truly profitable enough to be worth the effort.

Sell it on the Open Market

If you are in no rush to sell, then you may take your chances on the open market. You can go “For Sale By Owner” and deal with everything yourself, or you can hire a professional real estate agent to handle the listing. Factor in any and all costs it will take to clean/repair the home enough to make it “market ready,” as well as agent commissions, closing costs, etc. Also, you are responsible for the property taxes, insurance and mortgage payments as long as you own the home. A traditional real estate sale will usually take months to complete—and that’s if everything goes smoothly!

Sell to a Real Estate Investor

If you are tired of dealing with an unused property you own in the Central Valley, consider a fast cash sale to Offer4Cash. We buy homes throughout the area from motivated sellers. We offer all-cash payments and we purchase properties in as-is condition, meaning you don’t have to worry about any repairs or cleaning. In addition, we can close the sale as quickly as you want. You set the closing date, whether that’s a week from now or you need a couple months to clear out.

If you want to get rid of that unwanted and unused property, contact Offer4Cash today or fill out the request form on any page of this website for your no-obligation cash offer.

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