Understand Your Home Selling Options

Many people think that there is just one way to sell a home. The default option is to hire a Realtor, market the home, review offers and go through a traditional 30-60 day escrow. It’s true that you are most likely to get the best final selling price with this method, but are you really netting the most money when all is said and done?

The Traditional Real Estate Sale

Remember that a traditional home sale through a real estate agent will cost you time and money. You have to make repairs and clean up the home so that it is ready to market and show. You have to pay the real estate commissions. The seller pays the fees for the listing agent, the buyer’s agent and both real estate brokerages involved in the deal. You have to pay for inspections and escrow fees, as well.

And we’re not even talking about the time involved in a traditional sale. The average home sale through a Realtor will take anywhere from 3-6 months, sometimes longer. Also, the buyer’s funding could fall through during escrow, leaving you to start from scratch. All this time means you still own the house and you’ll be paying ownership expenses including mortgage payments, homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, utilities, etc.

By the time the entire sales process is completed and all the money is paid, you may not be making as much back as you think by using this traditional sales method.

Going For Sale By Owner

You can save real estate commissions and some costs by going “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO), but you will have to handle all the marketing and negotiating throughout the sale. Also, it’s typical for FSBO properties to sell for less on average compared to what they might fetch through an agency-based transaction.

Selling for Cash to a Real Estate Investor

So, what’s the alternative option? You can sell your house for cash to a local real estate investor. Here in the Central Valley, the name to trust is Offer4Cash. We make the process super easy and will give you a fair cash offer for your home. You don’t have to worry about repairs or even cleaning the place up. You sell your house in as-is condition and you can sell it very quickly. We can close the transaction and have cash in your hand in as few as 7 days! Or, if you need more time, just let us know and we can work with you to set your desired move-out date. A cash transaction provides maximum flexibility.

You don’t have to worry about buyer funding falling through. You don’t have to keep making mortgage/insurance/tax payments while you are waiting for the sale to be completed. You can get out from under your house and you may end up netting just as much as a traditional sale when all is said and done.

Now, a cash sale may not be for everyone. If you are in a strong financial situation and in a hot real estate market, you may want to spend the extra time and money to sell on the open market through a real estate agent. However, if you are in a tighter financial situation (pending foreclosure, short sale, tax default) or you simply need to sell the house quickly for any number of reasons (divorce, job relocation, unwanted inheritance), then an all-cash sale to Offer4Cash may be your best solution.

You have nothing to lose. You can get a cash offer within 48 hours (usually less), and you are under no-obligation to accept it. It’s worth seeing what you can get for your home. Call Offer4Cash today at (209) 661-7385 or fill out the offer request form on any page of this website to get started!

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